Keep it or you lose it

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Selflessness: A leader’s heart

Let’s examine an episode in the rich life of King David that is recorded in Second Samuel chapter 15.

David is informed about the conspiracy against his leadership organized by his son Absalom.

He has the man power and ability to overthrow this rebellion and maintain his position as king. This can be verified by the number and caliber of enemies he’s defeated in the past.

But David decides to flee. He leaves the throne and the glory and gets out of Jerusalem.

Why does the King decide to flee in spite of his ability to overthrow his adversary?

  • In verse 14 of the above passage he explains to his entourage that if he stays behind Absalom will destroy the city and endanger innocent lives. He does not want to put other people’s lives in danger because of his leadership position.
  • The selfless love he has for his son will not allow him to stand and fight even if he has the full right to do so.
  • He puts his trust in God and believes that the God who put him on the throne is well able to restore him to his position if necessary (2 Samuel 15:25-26).
  • David does not carry the Ark of the Covenant of God out of the city as a sure protection for himself. He gives priority to the people and asks the priest to carry the Ark back to the city.


  • Christian leadership puts God first, the people second and then self interest later.
  • A Christian leader considers himself/herself as a servant and a steward of God’s inheritance and grace. He’s not the proprietor.

What do you think about leaders who will rather see their people suffer than step down from power?

Leadership: the home scenario

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How do I strike a balance between my role as a parent and a leader in my home?

The home is a place where we expect the highest level of love, acceptance and understanding. We see it as a duty the other party is supposed to do; it’s not a favor we are demanding. So giving and receiving love, acceptance and understanding is almost synonymous to home life.

However, parents at the same time are expected to place themselves in a leadership role with all it entails. This could become really tricky if not well-handled. This can actually get out of hand if both parties misunderstand the role they are supposed to play. This could have very unpredictable consequences.

Based on my own experiences as a child growing up in a home, and as now a parent entrusted with the responsibility of leading my home, I will share some of the things I have learned so far.

  • Love with discipline
  • Discipline with love
  • Talk less and do more
  • Explain less, demonstrate more
  • Preach less, practice more
  • Don’t cry too often before your kids
  • Go for a walk when you feel like raising a fist
  • Don’t let your bleeding heart be seen on your face
  • Be real without being too vulnerable
  • Plan for pleasant surprises; don’t let the unpleasant ones become the order.

I wish a happy home to you all. Home sweet home!


No star can take the place of another in the sky.

No matter how bright the sun is it can’t replace the moon at night.

No matter how beautiful the moon is at night, it can’t replace the sun by day.

We are all stars, each person in his or her function, position and capacity.

So why do we often feel threatened by the brightness of a fellow star?

Because you have not yet discovered how bright a star you could be yourself.

You have not discovered just how important you are as a unique star with your own qualities peculiar to you.

No one can sing like you.

No one can love your kids and spouse like you do.

You alone can do that for which you were positioned up there in the sky.

We are all stars created by God.

Occupy your own position and shine as much as you can.

But be sure you are shining in your own position.

You don’t know what you are asking for…Part 3

You don’t know what you are asking for: Part 3

Some of the challenges we go through as Christians are a direct result of the prayers we address to God. It is the refining process to bring out the gold from the dross, the oil from the crude and the vessel from the raw material.

  • You asked Him for a heart to love everyone who crosses your path; He did not go into His own heart, take a chunk of love and transplant it into yours. He rather put on your path some of the most unlovable people on planet earth. When you are through learning to love them, your heart will be full of unconditional love.
  • You asked Him for landed property to build your church. He got you connected to a rich and sick atheist who has just the kind of thing you are looking for. Now roll your sleeves and get to work Sir/Madam.
  • You asked him for an increase in finances; He showed you a poor, bankrupt and depressed businessman with lots of potential. Go get the millionaire out of them.
  • You asked for a double portion of anointing, gifting and talent. He took you to boot camp. You must lose some flesh before you are entrusted with such anointing.
  • You asked for a baby; He sent to you the most troublesome and unkempt street kids in your neighborhood. Can you bring up a child? Then start with that one.

The same measurement you use…

We are all called to serve under some form of leadership or another. We are faced with the challenge of submitting to people who might not be as talented, wise or educated as we expect. We could be tempted to despise and even openly criticize their every move because we know better or we think we do.

We should however never fail to realize that only those who wear the shoe know where it pinches. It is easier to follow than to lead. It is easier to observe at a distance and conclude that you would do a better job if you were in the leader’s seat.

But the truth is that once you find yourself in that position you are faced with reality and variables that render your magic plan very impossible. You begin to realize that the head that wears the crown has more than an issue to deal with.

What am I saying then?

We should seek to correct, suggest, propose, call attention to things we consider out of place and even dangerous for the enterprise, home, cooperation etc. But we should do all in love, knowing that the leadership seat is not always as easy as that of the follower.

Give your leader some benefit of doubt and be kind in the way you seek to contribute. Tomorrow you could find yourself in his or her position and you may even find yourself acting the same way he did because you just realized there were variables you didn’t know about when you were still a follower.

Be the kind of follower who brings joy to leadership.