Our vision at HOPE WORLD INTERNATIONAL is to bring a message of hope to those in hopeless situations by means of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We have as mission to take people from:

  • Hopelessness to hope
  • Darkness to light
  • Sickness to health
  • Captivity to deliverance
  • Brokenness to wholeness

Isaiah 61:1, Judges 6:14, Jeremiah 1:10.


God has mandated me to go round the world and tell my story; that those who have been abused, despised, maltreated, humiliated, abandoned…that those who are possessed with evil spirits, live in poverty, are depressed, suicidal, those who have failed again and again…can live again. There is hope for them in Jesus. It’s not what the world says about them that matters. It’s what God says that is the final word. (Rev chapter 10).


  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Crusades
  • Outreach
  • Christian Literature


  1. Exodus 18:20-21: To mobilize and train people who believe in the vision and who will invest in every possible way for its fulfillment.
  • People with a burden to see the afflicted set free
  • People who are filled with compassion for the lost and the forsaken
  • People who can make sacrifices in order to put a smile on the faces of others.
  • People whose lives will be an example and an inspiration to many.

This will be done through a structure set up for leadership training.

  1. Transform the lives of those God will send to us.
  • Anointed church services
  • Seminars and conferences aimed at teaching people to grow in the Word of God in order to fulfill their destinies (people empowerment).
  • Anointed crusades to heal the sick set the captives free and bring salvation to lost souls.
  • Establish a system of one-on-one counseling to bring healing to broken hearts and wounded souls.
  • An outreach program to bring aid to the needy.
  • A healing/retreat center where burnt out souls can find healing and wholeness.
  1. Put in place a structure to oversee the vision and it’s fulfillment (THE HEALING CENTER)
  2. Church department
  3. Training department
  • Catering department
  1. Lodging department
  2. Transportation department
  3. Sports and fitness department
  • Security department
  1. The church department will deal with the spiritual needs of the people. It will include:
  • A college of Pastors
  • Intercessors
  • Outreach department (evangelism, charity etc.)
  • Music department
  • Secretariat/communication
  • Administration/ Accountancy department
  • College of Deacons and Deaconesses
  • Protocol/ushers
  1. Training department
  • Mentoring and follow up
  • School of ministry
  • Discipleship programs
  • Catering department
  • Kitchen/restaurant
  • Shopping center
  • Cooks and hostesses
  1. Lodging department
  • Room service
  • Laundry and cleaning
  • Room security
  • Transportation
  1. Transportation department
  • Drivers
  • Car service
  • Airport Protocol etc.
  1. Sports and Fitness department
  • Trainers
  • Equipment maintenance service etc
  • Security department
  • Security guards and protocol
  • Car security service etc.


We will target men, women, old and young people in need of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

People of all social status, walks of life, racial and religious background who need to encounter Christ.

The underprivileged who need a touch of hope from Jesus.


I hate mockery; I hate that kind of destructive criticism that seeks to reduce people to an object of mockery. I hate condemnation, labeling and rejection. God has called me to offer love, compassion and hope to those that society has labeled for rejection.

I have a divine mandate to look beyond their many weaknesses, see beyond the label and to identify that jewel that is trapped in the mud; only then will I be able to help them express its beauty for the world to see and to benefit from.

Every act of love and compassion kills the desire to criticize and condemn.