Keep it or you lose it

keep it


Give yourself some time to…

beauty in nature

Sometimes we are in so much of a hurry to reach the next goal that we fail to take time to enjoy what we’ve achieved so far.

Take time to enjoy your achievements. There may never be another time for that.


You don’t know what you are asking for…Part 2

Can you still remember the last request you presented before God? What did you require for Him to do?

Perhaps you asked for a bigger oraganization, a larger budget, a wider audience or more speaking engagements.

Did you bother to find out from Him what it will take to get there? Perhaps you did or you didn’t. May be you actually promised to pay the price and get the trophy. Good! But do you really mean it?

One of the reasons why God never shows us the full picture is because if He were to show us the process that leads to the progress and then the success, most of us will rather go back to Egypt than face the giants.

If you had the full insight and foresight of what you would have to endure on your way to where you are today, you would probably asked God to keep His blessing to Himself or get someone else to torture, not you.

  • You asked for more anointing for ministry. Are you ready to spend many sleepless nights travailing in prayer while your mates snore in the comfort of their sheets?
  • You who wants a bigger audience. Know that each individual comes with their own baggage and a wider audience means a wider range of problems to solve. Are you ready for the challenge? Will you be a bearer of the burdens of many?

Have you taken time to meditate on what you are requesting from God? Have you counted the cost and made up your mind to get there no matter the challenges that lie ahead?