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Compromising to Please Others: A great trap.

When you compromise your values and principles in order to please those you are called to serve, you will later on be judged by the same people you tried to please, and they’ll use the same principles you compromised.

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In the book of Second Kings chapter 13 we read the story of a prophet of God who compromised God’s instruction to please another prophet. He later was judged by the same prophet he strove to please using the same instruction he compromised.

The younger prophet is sent on mission by God and is instructed to neither eat nor drink in the place of his assignment. An older prophet comes along and deceives him into dishonoring the instruction. He goes back, eats and drinks.

While they are seated at table the older prophet receives a prophecy from God condemning his colleague’s disobedience and pronouncing judgment on him.

In the end the prophecy comes to pass. When the older prophet is informed about what has happened he makes a very telling statement:

It is the man of God who was disobedient unto the word of the Lord: therefore the Lord had delivered him unto the lion, which has torn him and slain him according to the word of the Lord, which he spoke unto him (1 Kings 13:26).

What do you think about this? The same man he compromised in order to please is now passing “righteous” judgment against him.

Who are you trying to please now even to the extent of compromising your values and principles? When you get into a mess because of your compromise the same people will be without mercy. So be wise.

“It’s your fault; it’s my effort”

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A humble leader will take the blame and give the credit.

When things go wrong, “It’s my fault, I should have known; I should have predicted this…”

When things go right, “It’s thanks to the effort of my team; they’re an amazing group to work with…”

Rather than

When things go wrong, “It’s your fault; you’re all so incompetent”.

When things go right, “It’s thanks to my talent and ingenuity”.

When the leader starts taking all the credit and dishing out all the blame, we are just a step away from discontent and rebellion.

When a leader takes the blame it opens up an avenue for self-improvement.

When they take only the credit they can easily slump into a comfort zone and fail to predict future errors.

Unpopularly faithful

No matter how unpopular your message appears to be, if it’s from God just stay faithful to it and you’ll never lack an audience.

  • Don’t change your message because it looks silly, lousy or unpopular.
  • Never try to imitate those who seem to be making it big. No two people are called to do exactly the same thing.
  • Don’t change your message according to the times and seasons. Don’t become a fashion victim.
  • Trends come and go; God and His word remain the only immutable.

Some are called to be crowd pullers. Others are sent to impact specific individuals. Find out where you belong and stick with it.

You will be rewarded according to how well you did your assignment, not how well you copied mine.