Keep it or you lose it

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Give yourself some time to…

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Sometimes we are in so much of a hurry to reach the next goal that we fail to take time to enjoy what we’ve achieved so far.

Take time to enjoy your achievements. There may never be another time for that.


When people leave

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Every leader will experience this at least once in a life time; people who choose to leave rather than stay. You’ve worked together, you’ve planned the future together; you’ve even invested a great deal into their lives, then one day they choose to leave the church, business, company, brand …

This can be a fairly bitter pill to swallow especially when they leave at a time you really need their services. It is therefore important to prepare oneself against such an eventuality by keeping it in mind that no matter how well you treat your team members some will always have a reason to leave.

  • Search for greener pastures
  • Discontent about some issue (for instance your leadership style).
  • Call to other duties
  • Incapacitation

The list continues.

As the leader, your reaction to this will reflect your level of maturity and the quality of your leadership. How will you react to such a situation?

  • Brand them as traitors and unfaithful collaborators?
  • Accuse a competitor for taking away (stealing) your members/customers?
  • Accuse the devil for coming after you?
  • Just slump into your seat and hope it doesn’t happen another time?

Rather than look around for whom to blame why not do a thorough self-examination?

  • Am I giving them what they need?
  • Do I know what they need?
  • Do they feel fulfilled working with me?
  • Have I done something wrong?
  • Have I been listening to their complaints?
  • Have I departed from the original vision they submitted to?
  • Am I a good leader? Will I like to submit under my own leadership?

A good leader takes the blame first before investigating the cause.

It’s not wise to quickly name and blame others while exempting yourself from the responsibility.

It could be an opportunity for you to go in for self-improvement.

Very few people will choose to leave a winning team and even fewer still, will quit a place where they get satisfaction.

And if you think you gave them the best, but they left anyway, you will have a cool head and a clean conscience.

Some people come into our lives for a reason, some for a season and some for life. Get to know who is in your life and for what purpose.


Sometimes we find ourselves doing things that we were never called or anointed to do. We run with visions that were never God’s will for our lives. What are some of the reasons whey people find themselves in such positions? We will look at some of them.

IGNORANCE: If you do not take time to seek God’s face, you will be ignorant about His will and what He wants you to do. This means you could easily get on board a ship which does not go your direction nor does it target your destination. Do you know what God wants you to do this season? Do you know your purpose in life? Why did God create you? What problem are you created to solve? Do not carry that blessing to the grave. The world needs it.

IT IS FASHIONABLE: Do not become a deliverance minister because that is what is in fashion for the season. God’s designs are not determined by the fashionable trends of the day. He determines what is fashionable for each individual and for each season.

IT SELLS LIKE HOT CAKE: Never be tempted to run with a vision just because it sells. If you are in ministry for such a reason, it is very possible that your vision has nothing to do with God’s will for your life or even those you have targeted.
IT IS NEEDED IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD: Do not call yourself into an assignment just because there are many people in your street who need that. The fact that there are many hurting people in the world today for whom you genuinely have compassion does not qualify you to become the speaker who targets hurting people. You could do it once in a while because there is need, but to call yourself full time in it without God’s blessing might be suicidal.
MISLED: I have seen people run with visions for the simple reason that someone told them that was best for them. They do not have what it takes, they do not really like it but they want to please someone. They want to show obedience to someone. That is a very simple way to frustrate you life.

Beware of the motives that propel you into a task. When you pursue a vision which is not yours, you ineffectively do a job someone else has been called and trained to do effectively. The results can never be the same. Remember King Saul on an altar trying to do what Prophet Samuel was born and bred to do (1 Samuel 13:9-11).


It is natural for people to react strangely to what is new, strange, baffling or even exciting. Talking about what is new, we have a lot of it in the body of Christ principally because God is always doing something new and because the devil is always trying to counterfeit God. Criticism is neither strange nor surprising; it is rather our reaction to it that can be both strange and surprising.

How did Jesus react to the constant attacks from the Pharisees, Sadducees and the Jews in general? He was mostly criticized for not keeping the Sabbath, (Mark 9, John 9, John. 5), and for making Himself equal to God. (John. 8:56-58, John. 10:30). In the face of all this, Jesus remained calm and focused. He was not moved to hit back or lose His temper. He knew who He was and who was backing Him.

Jesus knew within Himself that He was genuine and on the right path, so He did not need to change His character or style, His vision or values in order to satisfy the demands of His detractors.

However, He did listen to them and gave ample explanations where necessary. For instance, He took time to explain to the “Law Keepers” that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath, thus, it is unfair to allow a man continue in pain just because we want to respect the Sabbath. He also explained to them his messianic mission although they were plagued with unbelief and never got to benefit from His presence among them.

The lesson we can learn from this is that, we must never let criticism push us out of focus or away from our vision and values. People will always have something to say, and if you keep mutating in response to it, you will end up with a strangely-colored man-made vision and a queerly-decorated world-inspired ministry.

At the same time, we must not close our ears and eyes to critics. Sometimes, being in the forefront disconnects us from daily reality and critics become a check on our excesses. They bring us back to reality. Each time you are criticized, it gives you an opportunity to re-examine your values and decisions.

In all, your reaction to criticism is a reflection of how confident you are in God and what He has called you to do. If you are deeply rooted in God, like the baobab tree, you will not be afraid of the wind.