Delegating authority: a two-way traffic



As a leader, how well do you delegate authority?

  • Do you feel comfortable dishing out a portion of your authority to a subordinate?
  • Can you get busy elsewhere knowing your collaborator or assistant is doing a great job even in your absence?
  • Do you give the opportunity to your collaborators to put their own gifts and talents to use?
  • Will you protect, defend and back those you’ve delegated to represent you?
  • Are you afraid to lose some of your authority if you gave part away?
  • Do you feel threatened when your collaborator or associate seems to be doing a better job?
  • Do you delegate authority and then stifle it by your attitude towards those you’ve delegated?

How well do you as a subordinate represent your superior?

  • Do you take the tasks assigned to you seriously?
  • Do you represent in such a way as to give a positive image of the one you represent?
  • Are you accountable and responsible to the one who delegated you?
  • Do you try to take more authority than you were assigned?
  • Do you intentionally sabotage your superior when acting by delegation so as to become more popular than them?
  • Can your superior trust to have you sit in for him next time?

Every human being is a delegated authority. God has delegated all of us to represent Him on the earth. How well do we do it?

As the leader, can you trust others like God has trusted you?

When you get delegated by a superior at work, how do you handle that responsibility?

Share your thoughts.





You will never see them in action unless something is wrong somewhere. They are called up only when the fire is already on the mountain, otherwise they will be jobless. They are valued only when things get out of hand; when things are under control, they are not needed.

Do you feel like a fire fighter at your job site, home, family or community? Are you the kind of person who is ignored and minimized until things get out of hand and there is need for a spare tire? Or are you normally given an opportunity to put your gifts and talents to action? Who are you in that company, office, family? Mr. CEO, do you value your subordinates at all times?

As leaders, we should learn to trust our subordinates enough to assign them some of the tasked we ourselves would love to do. Do not be the kind of boss who is always in control over everything and at all times. You think you can handle it all alone, but when things start going out of hand, you start looking for fire fighters to save the situation.

When you make it a habit to cultivate the gifts and talents in your subordinates, disciples, children and co-pastors, it will create an atmosphere of confidence and mutual respect. The day you are unavailable for a particular task, another person will simple take the relay baton and continue where you ended, and this will be done with competence and joy.

If you turn them into fire fighters, remember that you can never save all your goods when the company is already on fire.

As a Senior Pastor, learn to sit down at times and listen to your co-Pastor preach, it should not only be when you are on a mission trip abroad. No one wants to be a spare tire all their lives.