Keep it or you lose it

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Give yourself some time to…

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Sometimes we are in so much of a hurry to reach the next goal that we fail to take time to enjoy what we’ve achieved so far.

Take time to enjoy your achievements. There may never be another time for that.



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Gifted people face a lot more problems in life. They are among the most misunderstood people. This usually happens because a lot of people just can’t handle the greatness that is manifesting in and through them.

Some are intimidated by their gifts; others are scared; many despise or feel jealous of them while yet others just can’t figure out what to do with them, so they end up hating or just rejecting them.

Do you fall in the category of very gifted people?

Don’t be surprised if you hardly fit anywhere; especially if you are aggressively pursuing a goal in life. The fact is that you are a threat to some, a stumbling block to many and a mirror to a whole lot of them.

Perhaps you remind them of what they wish for but can’t get to. You are a constant reminder to them about what they should be and be doing but which they aren’t.

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Never devalue debase or degrade yourself in order to fit in a box and be accepted. There are many more people out there looking up to you and being inspired by your decision to be among the best.

“It’s your fault; it’s my effort”

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A humble leader will take the blame and give the credit.

When things go wrong, “It’s my fault, I should have known; I should have predicted this…”

When things go right, “It’s thanks to the effort of my team; they’re an amazing group to work with…”

Rather than

When things go wrong, “It’s your fault; you’re all so incompetent”.

When things go right, “It’s thanks to my talent and ingenuity”.

When the leader starts taking all the credit and dishing out all the blame, we are just a step away from discontent and rebellion.

When a leader takes the blame it opens up an avenue for self-improvement.

When they take only the credit they can easily slump into a comfort zone and fail to predict future errors.



I still remember the time I was chosen to pastor a church for a few months in the absence of our senior pastor. He had a sudden transfer to work in another city and there was need for someone to take care of the flock. At That time I was the intercessors’ leader. I was still trying to get a foot hold on service, especially in God’s vineyard. When I look back on those days I tell God, “Lord, your ways are really beyond my understanding. How could you have chosen to use a young woman suffering from low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence …? How could you ever choose such a person to carry out such great a task? You are really awesome.”

But this experience let me to know that God does not work with those who are fully qualified. What He requires first and foremost is a willing heart and an open mind, then He will perfect us along the journey.

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As a preacher, writer, speaker, no matter what you are called to do, it should not come to you as a surprise if some of your messages hit you on the head or slap you back in the face. God is not using you because you are perfect. NO!

You are doing that thing you are doing right now first and foremost because you are available to do it. You are just the ordained instrument in God’s hand. You need that message just like your audience because you face the same challenges they face on a daily basis. You might be more mature in your way of handling them, but you do face them too.

This awareness will keep us humble and submissive to God. You will realize that it is only by His grace that you are where you are. This will help us to receive correction and suggestions knowing that it is not extra-qualification that got us there. We are not there because there is none to do a better job.

When I was chosen to pastor that church, there were people I sincerely considered more qualified than me; people I met already serving in that ministry; people who prayed for me when I needed healing and deliverance. But one day I was chosen to be “their” pastor. Wow! I was intimidated …It took God’s grace for me to stand behind that pulpit week after week, month after month with a microphone in hand.

…And God was faithful. He gave me such inspired messages that got people on their knees weeping, repenting and surrendering to God. But you know what? Those messages hit me more; I was just as broken, wounded and sore as they. I wasn’t any better than they. God surely has a sense of humor.

This experience has helped me to receive criticism and correction more easily because I know I am not doing what I’m doing because I’m the most qualified for the job. I’m simply a benefactor of God’s sovereign Grace. I am where I am because I carry God’s sovereign seal of spiritual authority.

When I come across a challenging situation in the process of fulfilling my assignment, I just look up to God and remind my self that I am in need of more of His Grace. I also remind myself that I have to keep learning…studying. I have not yet arrived.

Perhaps my God talk is a bit of a bore to you. Perhaps you do not believe so much in God given assignments and abilities etc. Let me put it this way.

Those who accomplish great things in life are not those who qualify from the start; it is those who allow themselves to be qualified in the process. Take that first step, that very small step, and then you will see yourself soaring on eagles’ wings some day.

My writing career started with me keeping a journal. Then it got to a level where I found myself scribbling things all over and everywhere. Then I started putting my scribbled lines into articles. Then one day I found myself writing books. That was my process to become a writer. How I laughed at myself the day I received a prophecy pointing to my writing career. I wondered to myself who will ever want to read a book written my “me.” I didn’t look like a Joyce Meyer or a John Maxwell… you get my point.

Don’t wait to be perfect before you start that thing God has laid in your heart to do. Just start something and then He will surprise you.

When people tell you that you aren’t qualified, remind them that God qualifies His own servants in the process.

For a start, you do not need a PhD and five years of experience for it. You will get the degrees in the process, and then people will heap some honorary ones on top when they see the fruit and the impact.

I have learnt not to question people’s qualification in relation to their job or assignment. I am tolerant to people who make mistakes in the course of their assignment (I made many myself). The only problem is when we refuse to be qualified in the process.

  • When we are resistant to change.
  • When we are too lazy to study and fill up the gaps in our knowledge.
  • When we are content with garbage in, garbage out standards.

It will be wrong for you to be content to render mediocre services to your audience, church or students year after year with the excuse that “when God called me I wasn’t qualified.” Whatever you are called to do, your education is your responsibility.

This not withstanding, every employer, God included, expects a basic level of qualification from the start. This will serve as a foundation on which future knowledge will be built. You might be called to preach, teach or in any other area where literacy is a real necessity. But you are stark illiterate. You could be destined to be a business executive but you never had a degree in business administration. But if you possess the following qualities, you could end up beating the top professionals.

  • A deep desire to know more
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Never giving up spirit
  • Good self-esteem

The greatest qualification for a start is the assurance that you are really called to do that thing; that you have the basic talent for it and are willing to get processed in the process.