It doesn’t really take much to impact and change someone’s life. It is just the little routine habitual gestures of everyday life.

At one moment in my life, I suffered rejection, betrayal and a lot of humiliation from people I considered my brethren in the Lord. I lost confidence in my own brothers and sisters in Christ, but for some reason, I mustered courage and went to see another man of God.

Although I had taken the decision on my own, I did not have any confidence either. I expected another round of rejection and the rest. My life was a mess. I blew it; I knew it and I did not expect anybody to treat me differently. To my greatest surprise, after explaining my reason for coming, the servant of God received me with open arms, love and much concern. His hospitality shocked me. At one moment I even thought he was doing it to console me for my numerous misfortunes.

I got another surprise the day I took time off to appreciate him for all he has done for me. He looked surprised himself and told me that he had not even paid special attention to all what he was doing. That is when I realized that he was just about his normal daily affairs as a minister of the gospel. But in the midst of it all, he had impacted my life tremendously. It is those little things that really matter at times. You may not be able to write a check but you can give a smile, a hug or just ask someone how they are doing. This could be their lever out of hell.

Remember, on judgment day, Jesus will not ask you about the mega crusade you held in New York or the worldwide tours and visits to Israel. He will tell you that He was thirsty and you did not give Him a drink, He was naked and you did not clothe Him, He was hungry and gave Him no food, in prison and you visited not. You know the rest of the story.

Never withhold the little gestures when you are in a position to give them. This may be a sign to someone that God still cares. It can save someone from suicide.



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