You don’t know what you are asking for…Part 3

You don’t know what you are asking for: Part 3

Some of the challenges we go through as Christians are a direct result of the prayers we address to God. It is the refining process to bring out the gold from the dross, the oil from the crude and the vessel from the raw material.

  • You asked Him for a heart to love everyone who crosses your path; He did not go into His own heart, take a chunk of love and transplant it into yours. He rather put on your path some of the most unlovable people on planet earth. When you are through learning to love them, your heart will be full of unconditional love.
  • You asked Him for landed property to build your church. He got you connected to a rich and sick atheist who has just the kind of thing you are looking for. Now roll your sleeves and get to work Sir/Madam.
  • You asked him for an increase in finances; He showed you a poor, bankrupt and depressed businessman with lots of potential. Go get the millionaire out of them.
  • You asked for a double portion of anointing, gifting and talent. He took you to boot camp. You must lose some flesh before you are entrusted with such anointing.
  • You asked for a baby; He sent to you the most troublesome and unkempt street kids in your neighborhood. Can you bring up a child? Then start with that one.


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