Selflessness: A leader’s heart

Let’s examine an episode in the rich life of King David that is recorded in Second Samuel chapter 15.

David is informed about the conspiracy against his leadership organized by his son Absalom.

He has the man power and ability to overthrow this rebellion and maintain his position as king. This can be verified by the number and caliber of enemies he’s defeated in the past.

But David decides to flee. He leaves the throne and the glory and gets out of Jerusalem.

Why does the King decide to flee in spite of his ability to overthrow his adversary?

  • In verse 14 of the above passage he explains to his entourage that if he stays behind Absalom will destroy the city and endanger innocent lives. He does not want to put other people’s lives in danger because of his leadership position.
  • The selfless love he has for his son will not allow him to stand and fight even if he has the full right to do so.
  • He puts his trust in God and believes that the God who put him on the throne is well able to restore him to his position if necessary (2 Samuel 15:25-26).
  • David does not carry the Ark of the Covenant of God out of the city as a sure protection for himself. He gives priority to the people and asks the priest to carry the Ark back to the city.


  • Christian leadership puts God first, the people second and then self interest later.
  • A Christian leader considers himself/herself as a servant and a steward of God’s inheritance and grace. He’s not the proprietor.

What do you think about leaders who will rather see their people suffer than step down from power?


6 thoughts on “Selflessness: A leader’s heart

  1. I have always tried to be a leader of humanity. Always forgive people because the life learnt me to have compassion . Especially I am very sensitive to old people. All of us are getting old immediately we have been born and one day? S\A few of my best friends in the past were old women. One of them was my landlord in Sofia . She has never been married but she was so kind and wise. She gave me always good advice and when I graduated i visited her often. To be a leader is difficult . Sometimes the powerful people reactions are not because they want to be leaders. They are scared, they are hurt , they feel abandoned…



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