Leadership: the home scenario

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How do I strike a balance between my role as a parent and a leader in my home?

The home is a place where we expect the highest level of love, acceptance and understanding. We see it as a duty the other party is supposed to do; it’s not a favor we are demanding. So giving and receiving love, acceptance and understanding is almost synonymous to home life.

However, parents at the same time are expected to place themselves in a leadership role with all it entails. This could become really tricky if not well-handled. This can actually get out of hand if both parties misunderstand the role they are supposed to play. This could have very unpredictable consequences.

Based on my own experiences as a child growing up in a home, and as now a parent entrusted with the responsibility of leading my home, I will share some of the things I have learned so far.

  • Love with discipline
  • Discipline with love
  • Talk less and do more
  • Explain less, demonstrate more
  • Preach less, practice more
  • Don’t cry too often before your kids
  • Go for a walk when you feel like raising a fist
  • Don’t let your bleeding heart be seen on your face
  • Be real without being too vulnerable
  • Plan for pleasant surprises; don’t let the unpleasant ones become the order.

I wish a happy home to you all. Home sweet home!



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