When people leave

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Every leader will experience this at least once in a life time; people who choose to leave rather than stay. You’ve worked together, you’ve planned the future together; you’ve even invested a great deal into their lives, then one day they choose to leave the church, business, company, brand …

This can be a fairly bitter pill to swallow especially when they leave at a time you really need their services. It is therefore important to prepare oneself against such an eventuality by keeping it in mind that no matter how well you treat your team members some will always have a reason to leave.

  • Search for greener pastures
  • Discontent about some issue (for instance your leadership style).
  • Call to other duties
  • Incapacitation

The list continues.

As the leader, your reaction to this will reflect your level of maturity and the quality of your leadership. How will you react to such a situation?

  • Brand them as traitors and unfaithful collaborators?
  • Accuse a competitor for taking away (stealing) your members/customers?
  • Accuse the devil for coming after you?
  • Just slump into your seat and hope it doesn’t happen another time?

Rather than look around for whom to blame why not do a thorough self-examination?

  • Am I giving them what they need?
  • Do I know what they need?
  • Do they feel fulfilled working with me?
  • Have I done something wrong?
  • Have I been listening to their complaints?
  • Have I departed from the original vision they submitted to?
  • Am I a good leader? Will I like to submit under my own leadership?

A good leader takes the blame first before investigating the cause.

It’s not wise to quickly name and blame others while exempting yourself from the responsibility.

It could be an opportunity for you to go in for self-improvement.

Very few people will choose to leave a winning team and even fewer still, will quit a place where they get satisfaction.

And if you think you gave them the best, but they left anyway, you will have a cool head and a clean conscience.

Some people come into our lives for a reason, some for a season and some for life. Get to know who is in your life and for what purpose.


When God shows you who you really are

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Recently, God has been “breaking my heart”; yes He has been pulling back some curtains and letting me see what lies behind them. “Without mercy” He has been showing me who I really am.

I thought I knew me, but then….

Sometimes we begin to think that we got it all right; that we are above certain circumstances and temptations. We think we can overcome such and such a temptation. We then let down our guard and before we know it, we come back crawling at Jesus’ feet like miserable beggars full of guilt and shame.

That is what has been happening to me.

“Why did God let me walk into that mess when he could just “do something” to keep me out of it?”

Good question.

Yes! God can keep us out of every mess. But that will never teach us hardened humans the lessons we need to learn. Sometimes He just has to let us eat the cake and have a taste of it. He wants you to see you as you are.

He wants to show us our weaknesses so that we can work on them and be untouchable by our adversary the devil.

So you thought you were already above theft. Then the other day at the mall you did something really strange.

God wants to show you your Achilles’ heel so you won’t be taken by your adversary.

He wants us to know that we can’t count on our own strength.

He wants us to know that when we think we stand, it could just be the time wherein we are most vulnerable (1Corinthians 10:12).

As I said at the beginning of this article, recently God has allowed me to run into such a mess that I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I really thought I had outgrown such vulnerability. I didn’t know I could still fail such a test. He loves me so much not to let me go on, ignorant of my weaknesses because that will be like building my house close to an active volcano.

This is so important because even when you are ignorant of your weaknesses, the devil and his cohort aren’t. They know your Achilles’ heel and are looking for an opportunity to get at your by that route.

Is it not therefore a good thing that your heavenly Father shows you that route so you can work on it?

At the end of this exercise I simply lifted my eyes to heaven, threw my hands in the air and said “is this how vulnerable I still am? Thank you Lord for loving me this much…”

When God shows you your true self in this way, even though you are His darling child it is all for your good.

He is not being mean.

He is not being uncaring.

He is not being a sadist.

He is not being unloving.

He wants you to grow up so that he can entrust greater things into your hands.

Do you know who you really are? Has God been calling your attention to some loopholes in your life? What has been your reaction?

Are you crying, complaining and murmuring, or you are learning the lessons?