Tell me where you are coming from and I’ll relate to your message

I have an issue with preachers who behave like they were created in heaven and dropped off on earth for a special assignment after which they will be whirled to heaven in a chariot of fire.

  • Why not talk to me about the challenges you’ve faced in life?
  • Why not tell me about the night you cried yourself to sleep?
  • Why not share how you almost committed suicide?
  • I want to know how you got off those addictions.
  • I’ll like to hear how you went hungry for days because you had no job and no money.

Such confessions won’t make you a weak person; they tell me that you’ve come a long way with God; that you are where you are today because you’ve been able to overcome some hard stuff. It is prove that you’ve learned your lessons and are now qualified to teach me.

I do not agree with the philosophy that Jesus bore all the pain so we can’t suffer any longer. I don’t think it’s true that God can’t use suffering to teach us some stuff.

  • I believe God still uses pain to train
  • How can you show compassion to others if you were never ever in need of compassion yourself?
  • How can you help me in my healing journey if you never got hurt yourself?
  • How can you teach financial management if you never had to survive on limited resources before?

I don’t think we should unnecessarily accept suffering; but I also think that there are lessons we can learn only in the furnace. If that gold must shine, then let it go through the furnace.

If God picked you from the dust bin, washed you and gave you a message, preach it. There’s no point acting like you were born and bred in the palace. Don’t be ashamed of your source. God has turned your mess into a message, be humble enough to admit it.

Someone is waiting to get blessed by it. Be real.



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