Leadership and Purpose

The pursuit of your dream should not take you away from the dream-giver. It is not about you becoming famous, rich and celebrated. It is about establishing the kingdom of God on the earth. It is all about letting God do His will on earth through you.

How then can God do His will through you if you are disconnected from your of source of power, anointing and inspiration? Jesus gives us a stern warning in John 15:5 about trying to serve God without God. Sometimes we could become so purpose oriented that we rush ahead with our won plans leaving God behind. It is when we hit a wall that we look back and realize we left the ‘driver’ somewhere behind and raced ahead on our own.

Sometimes it is when we start drying up that we realize we are no longer connected to the vine. If we must…

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  1. It is a truth . I have read many books , was going to the church at least one year regularly , but still my reactions are negative sometimes. Sometimes i think i am curse by God and that`s why is so difficult to fight with myself. i am very tender person inside, can make great things for people and i have been doing that.
    But I try to escape the thought that the true love between two people exist because now days everybody pay attention to the material things . yes, maybe our mistakes that we think that we have to do something immediately and don`t leave them in the hands of God not to be more spontaneous….full of fears and doubts.


    • Thank you for reading and commenting. We really have to trust the dream-giver enough to let Him guide us all along. He always knows best.
      Recently I read something somewhere that really impressed me; “God always gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him’.
      I think this is the trick.



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