They don’t deserve it, but they need it: the place of love in the healing ministry

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Christian leadership usually reaches out to those who are in great need. Most often we are called to minister to people who are going through a lot of trauma which could be physical, emotional or spiritual. This category of people needs our compassion and sympathy the most. In fact, they need our love more than any other group of individuals.

When Jesus saw the multitude He was moved with compassion to heal all their sicknesses and liberate all the captives. After ministering to them He then told them to stay out of the mess.

Love and compassion are very necessary ingredients when it comes to administering healing and deliverance.

This is especially so because those we are called to minister to might be very “undeserving” and “unworthy” people according to our human wisdom and calculation.

Most of them do not know God. Some do not want any relationship with God. They want a quick fix and that’s it.

How then do we reach out to such individuals without judging them in relation to their attitude and character? How do we show love to those who are hurting, yet despise and ridicule our faith?

It takes a heart that has been remolded by God himself; a heart that can love unconditionally; a heart that can love the unlovable.

God is looking for such vessels so that He can fill them with His anointing and then use them to reach out to a hurting world.






4 thoughts on “They don’t deserve it, but they need it: the place of love in the healing ministry

  1. Powerful! It is God’s work in us first! Even when I am the cause of my crisis, when I created the need for healing and deliverance I still need grace, not judgment. I may also need challenge and rebuke but even then from a heart as you describe here.

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    • Thank you Ken for reading and commenting. Most of the things I write are based on my personal experiences. I used to be one messy piece that God dared to soil His hands to clean. I’ve also met with people who had no compassion or understanding of what I was going through. In all these things I learned how to be compassionate to the suffering because I know how I felt when I was judged and labeled; I also know how much I needed someone to just reach out with a smile or a hug of love and acceptance.
      Jesus left no one indifferent because He knew how to reach out to people according to their needs.
      My prayer is that God’s servants will copy from the Chief Shepherd.

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