The pursuit of your dream should not take you away from the dream-giver. It is not about you becoming famous, rich and celebrated. It is about establishing the kingdom of God on the earth. It is all about letting God do His will on earth through you.

How then can God do His will through you if you are disconnected from your of source of power, anointing and inspiration? Jesus gives us a stern warning in John 15:5 about trying to serve God without God. Sometimes we could become so purpose oriented that we rush ahead with our won plans leaving God behind. It is when we hit a wall that we look back and realize we left the ‘driver’ somewhere behind and raced ahead on our own.

Sometimes it is when we start drying up that we realize we are no longer connected to the vine. If we must bear fruit then we must receive nourishment from the vine every minute of every day. God has a word for you today. Do not be contented with what He told you last week.

Remember we are created for God’s pleasure and glory. He gives us the dream but He equally determines the timing and the funding. When we bring back the dream to Him in humility, He will give us the blueprint we require for its accomplishment.

If you run away from a dream God gave you, it could be that you stopped receiving the daily nourishment for its fulfillment.

Dream big; work with the Dream-Giver.



  1. That’s true, only God, who is the dream giver, can ensure the fulfilment of the dream. Its only natural that we get so pre-occupied with pursuing the dream or maybe even regular life stress, that we lose sight of Him who is our sustainer,and then we get drained.
    Just to add. I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award, PLease take a look at it . I’ll be really glad to get your feedback.

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