You don’t know what you are asking for…Part 4

You must be wondering already if God delights in playing prangs on His children. NO! Of course not. I’m not trying to scare you away from your dream.

You might have already heard the portion of scripture which says when God blesses us He adds no sorrow to it (Proverbs 10:22).

I used to think that this passage means that when God blesses us He will not also give us sorrow to go with it. Now I understand it better. We know that only good things come from our God. So what is this passage saying?

God wants to give you all the good things He has in store for you; but can he trust you with them? Will you be able to manage them such that they do not become a trap, a disgrace and an embarrassment both to you and to your God?

There lies the reason why He will first of all take you through a training that will prepare you to be able to handle what He wants to put in your hands.

So do not be dismayed, if what you are going through now is in stark contrast to what you asked from God. If you can love that street kid like your own child, then you will be able to bring up the baby you asked from God.

Moreover, when God blesses you, He will not like that the blessing gets on your head and mess you up. He will first humble you, try you and prove you so that one day you will not try to put the gift first and the giver second place.

When you come to a place where you can genuinely say “I’m not afraid to lose anything because I’ve got nothing to lose, because all what I have belongs to God anyway…”, this is a sign of maturity, and God will not hesitate to add even more blessing into your account.



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