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Abraham looked and saw landed property and uncountable descendants; He saw nations in the stars.

Ezekiel looked and saw a valley full of dry bones. Although he couldn’t tell if anything good could come out of there, he trusted God for a miracle.

Jesus looked and saw millions of souls coming into the Kingdom, and then He willingly embraced the cross.

What do you see? Can you see the glory behind the trouble? Can you see the rose hidden among the thorns? Can you see that gold that is covered in mud?

Will you pay the price to get the glory? Will you allow your hands to be pricked by the thorns as you seek to pick the rose? Will you roll your sleeves and wash the mud so the gold can shine?

What do you see? What is your vision and purpose? Your vision is what fans your passion and gives you focus in life.

If you can see it, then you have a direction to follow.


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