Wearing the leader’s crown

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I didn’t say the victor’s crown; I said the leader’s crown. When Jesus, the chief Shepherd comes back, the leader who faithfully wore his leader’s crown will then receive the victor’s crown.

Did Shakespeare not say, uneasy lays the head that wears the crown? And he certainly was right. This is very true when it comes to leadership of any kind, especially Christian leadership.

When I study Apostle Paul’s life as a Christian leader, especially as summarized in his first letter to the Corinthian, the 9th and 10th chapters I begin to understand how great a responsibility it is to be a leader.

  • He became everything to everyone in order to win some.
  • He deprived himself of his own rights for the sake of the office he held.
  • He had to impose a severe self-discipline on himself in order to be fit for his ministry and to be a good example for others.
  • He would rather hurt himself than cause any of the sheep under his care to stumble.

Are you surprised that he describes himself as a “bond servant” of Christ?

A leader is a servant and not a master.

Good leadership is never self-centered. To be a good leader you must deny yourself some of your rights and privileges for the sake of the sheep you are called to shepherd.

That is why I’m always a little uncomfortable when I see people rushing to occupy leadership positions. There is more to it than meets the ordinary eye.



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