Sometimes we find ourselves doing things that we were never called or anointed to do. We run with visions that were never God’s will for our lives. What are some of the reasons whey people find themselves in such positions? We will look at some of them.

IGNORANCE: If you do not take time to seek God’s face, you will be ignorant about His will and what He wants you to do. This means you could easily get on board a ship which does not go your direction nor does it target your destination. Do you know what God wants you to do this season? Do you know your purpose in life? Why did God create you? What problem are you created to solve? Do not carry that blessing to the grave. The world needs it.

IT IS FASHIONABLE: Do not become a deliverance minister because that is what is in fashion for the season. God’s designs are not determined by the fashionable trends of the day. He determines what is fashionable for each individual and for each season.

IT SELLS LIKE HOT CAKE: Never be tempted to run with a vision just because it sells. If you are in ministry for such a reason, it is very possible that your vision has nothing to do with God’s will for your life or even those you have targeted.
IT IS NEEDED IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD: Do not call yourself into an assignment just because there are many people in your street who need that. The fact that there are many hurting people in the world today for whom you genuinely have compassion does not qualify you to become the speaker who targets hurting people. You could do it once in a while because there is need, but to call yourself full time in it without God’s blessing might be suicidal.
MISLED: I have seen people run with visions for the simple reason that someone told them that was best for them. They do not have what it takes, they do not really like it but they want to please someone. They want to show obedience to someone. That is a very simple way to frustrate you life.

Beware of the motives that propel you into a task. When you pursue a vision which is not yours, you ineffectively do a job someone else has been called and trained to do effectively. The results can never be the same. Remember King Saul on an altar trying to do what Prophet Samuel was born and bred to do (1 Samuel 13:9-11).



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