Necessary but very painful. Yes, that is how I describe transitions; that moment when you are required to leave the familiar and move into the unknown. That time when you have to wait in the queue for the next instruction. That time of uncertainty and a lot of questions with few or no answers? My flesh does not like it; so does yours.
Why are transitions important? Why are they so inevitable?
A. You might have messed up so badly and God wants to put you on “pause” so He can fix some of your stuff before sending you further afield. If you race ahead at such a moment you could get hurt.
B. You’ve finished the last task of the last assignment and you need to go to a higher level. You need to be trained and prepared for your next level in life. God does not want you going places and doing things you are not prepared for.
C. God is working behind the scenes, touching some buttons, tuning some hearts and convicting some sponsors for you. So you need to wait for those arrangements to work out before you can take the next step. If you rush ahead you could miss out on some great opportunities.
D. God wants your attention, your full attention. He’s been trying to talk to you for ever and you never seem to get it. He loves you too much to let you get into a mess, so He has put you on “pause” so that you can finally look up to Him, even if in annoyance. Yes. It can be annoying at times to not know why nothing seems to be working out as planned.

Why is there so much unease during moments of transition?
Our flesh hates to wait. We are always in a hurry to catch up with the latest fashion, technology and moves of the day.
You just turned 40 and you are still the only lady in your neighborhood who goes to parties alone; no companion.
You are almost fifty and while your friends are living in their dream houses you are still moving your family from one neighborhood to another. The pressure is too much and you can’t understand why it is at such a moment that God has decided to “pause” your life.
Your friends in ministry are taking tremendous strides, conquering more territory and you just seem to be marking time on the spot. You get frustrated.
This is the time we must get as close to God as never before because it is also the time when the most subtle temptations come. You will be tempted to take a shorter course out of God’s will, to compromise your faith or even to backslide completely.
The devil will present you with all kinds of alternative and counterfeits. If you are not close to God to know His perfect will for your life you could end up marrying the wrong person, investing in the wrong business, buying the wrong house, traveling to the wrong destination….
The most effective tool in handling transitions is waiting on God. Take hold of Him and refuse to let go until you know his blue print for the next level
Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength; they will mount up on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They shall walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31).




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