I have come to realize one very important principle that determines God’s blessing; that is positioning. Blessings are attached to particular locations. Abraham must leave Ur of the Chaldeans to get positioned for blessing (Genesis 12); this is also true about Jacob (Genesis 28), Joseph (Genesis 39) and Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9). Had Saul rejected Jesus’ command to submit to Ananias, he would probably had remained blind and never been used by God.

God has a map, and on that map each of us is expected to occupy a particular position. That position then guarantees your blessing and the fulfillment of your destiny. When God wants to bless you, He goes to that location with your blessing. That is your Canaan.

Some of us miss out on His blessings because, while your package is sent to Africa where you are expected to be, you are already in Australia, out of God’s agenda. Now, God will not go out of His will to go searching for you in Sydney whereas you should be in New York. In His mind, you are either where you should be or you are no where to be found.

Are you positioned in your divine location? Has ignorance, stubbornness and disobedience taken you to the wrong location? When you are wrongly positioned, your efforts, services and sacrifices are but in vain. Men may hail you but heaven wails for you.

You have just one life to live, do not waste it. You cannot afford to live your life on a rough work paper hoping to get a clean copy before time is up. By the time you are trying to transfer your work on a clean sheet of paper, the Time Keeper may just remind you that your time is up.

Since you have just one copy, keep it clean.



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